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Ready to lead a healthier, wealthier life with money but don't know how?

(Trust me, you are not alone!)

Money Maps is a quick, intuitive workshop and tutorial bundle that will help you heal your relationship with money and to build real wealth by utilizing behavioral psychology.

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Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon.

In my 30 years in business, having owned 13 companies and worked with thousands of people around the world.....

I realized one almost universal truth.....

Everyone is interested in money, but has a chronic concern, and even fear, about money and what the heck we are doing with it.

We are afraid that we will never really have enough, we won't be able to hang on to it, and we certainly won't know what to do with it when we do have it.

It doesn't really matter if you have millions or if you can't pay the rent...

If money is what keeps you up at night, you aren't really wealthy. 

This Money Maps workshop is essentially 20 years in the making.....

But it takes you only days to implement.....

And change your relationship with money forever.

Are you ready live a life of wealth, freedom and abundance?  Free of the crushing fear around money?

(Um...of course you are!)

Create your Money Map today!

PS...This is your path to money, wealth, freedom and abundance!
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  • Many of us pretend money isn’t important to us, or think it shouldn’t be.

  • Money is not intrinsically good or bad.  It is a tool.  A brilliantly useful tool.  It’s like saying a hammer is good or bad.  It’s a hammer, it's meant to do a job, and it does it well. 

  • Somewhere along the way, the power we gave money outstripped its original utilitarian role.

  • No matter how much money you have, if you are worried, you are not wealthy.




Sometimes, we choose to stay in our stories because we get false benefits from them. We get to keep our identities as a broke person.  As someone who struggles.  We get to blame our brokeness on things outside ourselves (I don’t have time, I have kids, the economy sucks, I don’t have the right education, it rained all last week).  We don’t have to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and risk failing, looking like an idiot, changing and becoming different, etc.

Investigate your stories and take action!

Together, we'll learn:

  • The psychology and behavioral science behind money

  • How and why you act the way you do with money

  • How to be friends with money forever

  • How the people and world around us effect our relationship with money

  • How to be comfortable with money and even enjoy it!

  • How to be truly rich beyond your wildest dreams

What you will get when you enroll:

The Psychology of Money

Money Quest

Money Mapping

Pitfall Mapping

30 day Money Challenge  BONUS

Videos and interactive learning

Audio files of all teaching

Forever Access

Over 30 years of expertise

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"I went from being scared of money to being excited about it.  Money no longer makes me nervous and anxious.  Thank-you!!" - Josey Li

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"My parents never taught me about money, and neither did my college experience.  Heck, no one even talked about money!  Now, I feel like I have the basic knowledge to no longer be afraid of money." - Michelle Wesler

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"Money Maps helped up to finally talk about money together.  We took the course together and talked about everything that we learned.  Neither of us had any idea how we were relating to money, and each other.  Now, we have a new openness and understanding in our relationship that will propel us forward financially."   -  Michael and Sara Yang

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"Kimberli is an active, professional, and talented facilitator.  She made a virtual learning experience into a tangible, vibrant immersion experience.  Her ready laughter, quick wit, and keen knowledge of money made me feel comfortable and able to be present.  In a word, Kimberli brought the meaning and purpose of the training into full focus and effect for me." - Tara Snow

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"If you want to be comfortable with money, take this course!!! If you only take one course, have it be this one. It made all the difference for me and my future!" - Malcolm Reed

What you will learn:

#1: The Psychology of Money

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  • Untangle the threads around money!  The thoughts, beliefs and actions that lead to stress and brokeness, that are not always our own
  • Learn to lead a healthier financial life through behavioral psychology
  • Help you to understand why you do what you do with money, and why you have stopped yourself from making the money you want
  • Investigate your stories and take action so that you can live in financial abundance

#2: Money Quest

  • In order to make an accurate map, and to know where you want to go, you need fact finding and curiosity
  • We adventure into our beliefs, and the beliefs of those around us, peeling back thousands of years of cultural conditioning through:
    • Community Mapping
    • Family Mapping
    • Personal Mapping

#3: Money Mapping

  • Take a fresh look at money by examining our assumptions
  • Create new stories about money for yourself, allowing
  • Begin to create new thoughts and beliefs about money
  • Start to talk and behave differently with money

#4: Pitfall Mapping

  • What are your stumbling blocks?
  • How do you recognize your red flags?
  • How do you stay on track and keep moving forward?

#5: Bonuses

  • 30 days of Money Maps challenges and coaching designed to support you on your journey, sent daily to your inbox
  • Book and Resource List
  • Audio file of all videos
MM sales page background.png

"If money were your lover, would you still be having sex??"

                                             ~ a really wise friend

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

Anytime you want it to!! It is all digital and on your timeline.

Money really scares me.  Will I be OK?  Can I do this?  Will I be overwhelmed?

I totally get it.  That's why we are here.  Because money does scare most people, and that leaves them in a place of scarcity, fear and brokeness.  You are an amazing badass just for being here on this site and definitely for doing this course.  I believe in you.  And, we will get you to where you believe in yourself, too.

How do I sign up?

Click any of the buttons and it will take you to the super easy check-out page.

How long should it take?

Some people go through the content in a weekend, some chose to go slower and take a week or so.

How do I receive the content?

You will create a sign-in for your account, then, you can download a PDF of the workbook and print it or fill it out digitally.  All of the videos and bonus content (with the exception of the 30 Day Money Maps Challenge, which will be emailed daily) will be available online once you sign in.

Do I need to turn in assignments or show things to anyone?

Nope!  This is all for you.  In your own time.  And, while I hope it does spur healthy discussions about money with your family and friends, that is all up to you.

When does the 30 Day Money Maps Challenge start?

A week after you sign up, you will receive a daily email for 30 days.  These daily inspirations, challenges and video coaching are meant to support you on your journey to a healthy relationship with money!

What is your refund policy?

For most of my courses, I gladly offer refunds.  Unfortunately, due to the speed with which many people complete the content and the extremely low price, on this course I can not.  However, if your 5 year old accidentally purchases the course, please contact me and we will take care of it!

Why is this course so inexpensive?

It is one of the joys of my life to help people untangle their relationship with money and bring abundance and wealth into their lives.  I want this transformational work to be available to as many people as possible.

How can I reach you with other questions?

You can reach me at

Kimberli Hudson

Kimberli is an expert in entrepreneurship with over 25 years of experience in business development, leadership, finance and finding a way to get things done!  She started her first company at 17, going on to start 13 companies across a wide range of sectors including entertainment, investment, specialty food manufacturing and environmental engineering.   It’s amazing what you can do when you believe you can!  (And you don’t listen to people who tell you it’s impossible)


Currently she is CEO and founder of The Hudson Group, dedicated to increasing wholistic financial intelligence, and Unruli, a consulting firm and educational platform working to empower women through entrepreneurship.  Additionally, she is a co-creator and faculty member for The Shakti Fellowship in conjunction with The University of San Diego and is writing a book about how to start and grow your business and be financially successfully without burning out or sacrificing your values.  Kimberli deeply believes in business as a win-win-win solution that can help elevate our communities and humanity, and that healthy interactions with money can be one of our greatest gifts for the future.

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