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From Fear to Abundance

As I took a nice long, vigorous walk today, which thankfully we can still do, I marveled at the generosity of nature and humanity.

The intoxicating smells of wisteria and jasmine wafted over me as a partially blue sky shone above me and a perfect, cool breeze played against my skin. The trees above rustled in the breeze, playing the sweet tune of spring. I had intended to go to my favorite gardens to walk today, but alas, it is closed. However, the glories of nature are still very much open and ready to welcome us every moment.

As I walked, one of my neighbors had a basket by the sidewalk with Meyer lemons and oranges picked from their tree with a beautifully lettered sign that read “We have picked these from our trees and have way more than we can eat. Please take as many as you want! P.S. We are not sick.”.

What a wonderful way to share our resources and create abundance in our communities!! So, I am asking what you have to share. Do you have an overabundance of Kale in your garden? Do you have the ability to get groceries and drop them off at the door of our elderly or less fortunate? Are you a coach that can provide a little time daily of support to people as they are struggling with a rapidly changing world? Can you walk your neighbors dog? Can you play a song live online? Can you host a virtual dance party? Can you call a friend?

As we reach out to each other in this new world we are all living in, we get to create vast networks of connection and abundance. Abundance is about far more than money. It is about creating and allowing value to flow in the world. All kinds of value. And, giving of yourself and your talents is one of the quickest and most joyful ways to do that.

So, make a list of what you have to be grateful for, and make it as long as you can. From that, see what you have to contribute and give. It may be something small, or it may provide funds for millions. It is all equally worthy and wonderful. Your unique and beautiful gift to share and give to us all.

This will take all of us sharing love, together.

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