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Grocery Store Man

I was walking out of  the grocery store, and on the only exit, a narrow ramp leading to the parking lot, was an elderly man pushing his cart to the car very, very slowly.

Now, he was taking up most of the ramp and therefore, no one else could get past him.

Maybe he was being intentionally rude and obtuse, but I doubt it.  I think he was an elderly man who wanted to still feel capable and valid; that he could still take care of his own life and do his bloody grocery shopping.

What dawned on me was his deep and unshakable belief that he belonged there; that he could do exactly what he needed, and wanted, to do.

He had every right to take up as much space as he desired, and he knew it and owned it.

As a woman, would I have done the same?

Or, more likely, would I have apologized, let others go first, inconvenienced myself and made myself smaller.   As women, we are trained to put others needs before our own, even the needs of strangers who we will probably never see again.

Now, I’m not advocating being rude, running people over or not being aware of others in our vicinity and how we affect them, but I AM saying we, as women, deserve to take up space.

Be loud!!  Be wildish!! Take risks!

Live our lives to our tastes and desires.

And, yes, sometimes that means caretaking.  I love cooking healthy, sometimes elaborate, meals for my friends and family.  I love being polite to strangers and smiling at them. I love being one of those friends that people like talking to.  I love volunteering! I get as much from these activities as the “recipients” do!

However, I take up space.  I am a bold, unapologetic ball of awesomeness!!  Whether you are male or female or somewhere in between, be proud of who you are. Be bold in all you do!! 

Stand out! Be Big! Or be proud of your quietness and do it with pride and intention. Do something different just because it’s in your soul.  Be you because there is not another one anywhere, nor will there ever be! You matter!!

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