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I challenge you NOT to make a resolution....

It is a new year. In fact, by most people’s accounting, a new decade. (There is some debate since when we switched over to the Julian calendar, there was no “Year 0”. We started with Year 1. So, maybe we have one more year in the decade.)

Given how we mark linear time as humans, this is a big deal. Our average life span is 71 years, so this decade represents a big chunk of that.

And, I am challenging you to NOT make a resolution.

The last year, or ten, might have been spectacular and beyond your expectations. It might have been the most challenging and difficult of your life. For most of us, it is somewhere in between. A proverbial “mixed bag” of life and experiences, learnings and perceived failures.

However, when we close one chapter in our lives and move on to the next, why do we feel like we need to be “moving on to better things”? Why do we believe we must always be better, do better. Is this a human condition or are we conditioned by Western (and American) society and ideals of “onwards and upwards!”? Why can’t we just move on to other things or different things? Why do we feel the need to denigrate the past and exemplify an unknown future?

Can these experiences of past and future be equal experiences in our lives?

Sure, the next phase of experience in our lives might be better, but what if it is equal or lesser significance in the arc of our existence in this body? What if our most challenging times are ahead of us, not behind? Have we failed??

And, if so, why? What is this relentless push and expectation to do better and be better? How differently would we approach our days, how differently would we feel, if we were ok with where we are and the mystery of what comes next? What is we just experienced our lives and didn’t plan our next 10 moves?

Would that allow us to be kinder and more patient? To accept ourselves and others as we are in the moment more fully? Would it bring to our souls more contentment and peace? Could we come from a place of what we want to feel in the world instead of our outside accomplishments?

To wake up every morning and simply be. Without expectations.

How would that change your life?

How would that change the world?

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