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We are here for each other

Sometimes life takes you down….

In ways you can’t even imagine before they happen. Death, divorce, finances, illness, business failures, abuse, war, housing and cultural instability, and any number of other horrific and life changing events. They hit you hard and usually fast. And, sometimes you can’t see your way up through the wreckage drifting down through the sea of your life.

And, then there is that one person. That one who you finally open up to about all of the battered, bruised and aching self you are in the moment, and they still love you.

They still find value and hope, where you see little or none. They still see you as the shining light you really are, and the person you can be again, once the layer of rightful despair and sadness is wiped off. The you that can still show up in the world and touch people and change things. Even if you don’t see or feel this person right now, they do. They really do. It is the true meaning of community.

And, that is a life changing gift.

They may offer you a physical place to lick your wounds and heal. They may offer you a spiritual or emotional meeting place in lieu of a physical one. But, they offer you refuge. Refuge sweetly mixed with unconditional love and just a sprinkling of toughness. They still believe in you when you no longer fully believe in yourself.

These are our angels. Our saints. Our chosen family.

Trust the hands that hold you. That see you. That care for you. They are not perfect, but they are perfect right now. They can help you build a bridge back to your life, even if you can not see the building materials. They are the contractor for now. They can start the process until you are strong enough to take up your trowel and complete it. They can hold you as they build, telling you all along that you are a master architect.

And, eventually, you will start to build again.

You will come back. This is the magnificence of the human condition and spirit. We can come back from anything. Even if you do not see it now. Even if you are thinking “Yeah, right, Not me. Fuck you.”. I get it. Others will see your power and ability when you can not. Let others hold your worth. This is community. This is how we go forward. Not through ruthless competition, but through the magical alchemy of community, support and love. Lay down your burden for a moment and let someone else hold it while you heal.

We are here for each other. Always.

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