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Are you ready to live your best, most fulfilled life?
Are you tired of the fear, gulit, misinforation and old stories about money?
We help people lead healthier financial lives through proven behaivioral change and education every day. 
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Money is a fantastic tool.  However, our emotional and psychological "hang-ups" can keep us from having a healthy relationship with money.  Our beliefs and stories about money keep us from making the money we want to make, and most of us have never been taught how money and finance really works.  How can we succeed when we don't know how things work!!
Join us and learn how to create a new relationship with money and learn to make what you are worth!
  • Are you afraid you will never have enough money, or ever be able to keep enough money?

  • Have you struggled with money or finances in the past?

  • Do you KNOW money should be easier for you? 

  • Were you never taught the Rules of Money?

  • Do you want to know why you aren't making the money you KNOW you are worth?

  • Do you want to understand your relationship with money so you can make better financial choices?

  • Do you want to understand how money, markets and finance works so you are no longer intimidated by it?


If any of this sounds familiar,

Then you are in the right place!  

We often philosophize about the great, unanswered questions in life. It is time we looked instead at the unquestioned answers, and the biggest, most unquestioned answer in our lives is our relationship with money.

Your New Financial Reality

Were you taught that desire is bad, evil or selfish?  What if desire is a holy and precious gift?  How can you attract the fullness of your life, of your special gifts, without desire?

We scramble and race to “get what’s ours”, becoming selfish, greedy, petty, fearful, controlling, confused conflicted or guilty.

Can we live a different reality of Abundance??

I say, a resounding YES!!!

I work with women globally to untangle their emotional, psychological, and intellectual relationships with money.

Everyone is interested in money, and almost all of us feel a chronic concern, or even fear, that we will never really have enough or be able to keep it. No matter how much money we have or don’t have, the worry that we don’t or won’t have enough of it quickens our heart and makes us nervous around money issues.


Many of us pretend money isn’t important to us, or think it shouldn’t be.

If we peel back thousands of years of cultural conditioning about and assumptions to take a fresh look at money:



Rebecca Morris

The Money Code helped me transform my relationship with money.  No matter how much I worked and saved, it never felt like enough.  Now I can go forward with the knowledge and emotional change I needed to be financially successful.


Delila Smith

I was always afraid of money.  Of making it, of NOT making it.  Of never having enough.  Now, I understand and recognize my past patterns that were blocking me from making, keeping, and sharing money.


Amy Penti

The only reason I allowed myself to dive in like a maniac was that Kimberli help transform my I-don't-know-why passion into a real honest-to-god, money-making, soul-fulfilling reality.

  • Deep wounds and conflict around the way people relate with money (whether you have it or not):

    • Forcing yourself to do work you hate or is unmeaningful

    • Have become someone they don’t like or know

    • Feeling enslaved

    • Never seeing their family or having fun

    • Feeling of dread and resentment

    • People bruised and battered/ raw with hurts

    • Unsettled and uncomfortable…just not their best selves with money

    • Feeling of little or no freedom, no matter how much you have

    • What is needed is Personal transformation with money

    • When people align money with their deepest intents and self, money becomes a joy –

    • Interact with money in an inspiring way

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  • Scarcity: The Great Lie

    • “I didn’t get enough sleep!”

    • “I don’t have enough time!” etc….

    • We are telling ourselves, and the universe, that from the moment we wake up, we are already lacking something

    • What begins as a simple expression of the hurried life, or even the challenged life, grown into the great justification for an unfulfilled life.

    • We live with scarcity as an underlying assumption.An unquestioned, sometimes even unspoken, defining condition of life.

    • Through that lens of our expectations, our behavior, and their consequences become a self-fulfilling prophecy of inadequacy, lack and dissatisfaction.

    • We abandon our soul and grow more and more distanced from our core values and highest comittments

  • Toxic myth #1 : There is not enough

  • #2 More is always better

  • #3 That’s just the way it is

  • Money is not a product of nature.

  • Money does not grow on trees

  • Pennies do not rain from heaven

  • Money is an invention and a uniquely human invention. We made it up and manufactured it, and it is a wonderful and genius invention for the easy transaction of goods and services

  • Money is not intrinsically good or bad. It is a tool. It’s like saying a hammer is good or bad. It’s a hammer, meant to do a job, and it does it well; you are grateful for that tool, and the way it does it’s job.

  • It is an inanimate object that has only been in existence for 2500-3500 years (shells, stones, rounds of metal, paper, or cryptocurrency)

  • Meant to facilitate and ease the trading of goods and services

  • Somewhere along the way, the power we gave money outstripped it’s original utilitarian role.

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